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Celebrities in Vegas!
Sin City has always been a great place for celebrity spotting. Apparently this weekend will be a big one at the card tables as there are super casino offers, with Bruce Willis promoting a movie at the Wynn Casino, Carmen Electra opening some free casino games at the Bellagio and Justin Timberlake performing at Pure Nightclub.
Who’s the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity?
Once again PETA is running their annual poll to find out who is the sexiest vegetarian celebrity. Some of the stars in the running for the 2010 title include: Kevin Bacon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Russell Brand and Sarah Silverman.
Celebs move to French Casinos
Are celebrities trying to avoid the limelight? Apparently some stars are shunning casinos in favour of spending their money online at the French casino en ligne. A spokesperson from one particular casino said, “It allows them to gamble in peace and quiet, away from the paparazzi and bright lights. They choose the French casino as they are known for better jeux casino en ligne (online casino games)”.
Relaunch Party
Everyone’s favourite UK casino online is set to revamp its look with some high profile promotions. Whilst they aren’t celebrities in their own right, some of the WAGS of UK footballers will be helping to relaunch this casino at a party in London. We're interested to find out more about the massive online casino bonus they're apparently giving away to one lucky person.
Play in Style
Many celebs as well as non celebs are enjoying visiting casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo etc. Fashion trends are set here and if you are planning on heading into any famous casino you should better ramp up your wardrobe. Dresses from Gucci and Co cannot be missing. You should also play at a casino online beforehand to practise a few online casino spiele before you head out. In this way you can make a a good impression and have lot's of fun. Maybe Brad Pitt will come along you never know.
The 100 Most Powerful Women
Who made is up this year into the top. Here are some of the most powerful woman in 2010. Top of the list is German chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by Sheila Bair Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and Indra Nooyi Chief executive of PepsiCo. Some other famous women who made the list are Cristina Fernandez and Sonia Gandhi. Are we going to be on next years list?
Las Vegas Here We Come
Did you always wanted to go to Las Vegas see and meet all the celebs? Then you should book your next flight. Las Vegas is still the playground of the rich and famous and with a bit of luck you will easily run into the one or the other. Choosing the right casino and hotel are very important for this. Finding out which is the hippest casino, the best restaurant, the coolest club around can be quite easy. Shopping trips should be planned in as well. If you are heading into a casino I think it is important to know the rules of the games so you can fit in easily. Online casinos can help with this. Often you receive an nett kasino bonus so you can play at the casino gratis. Check it out.
Lindsey Lohan creates Fuzz at Fashion Week
Lindsey Lohan is famous for her wild parties and often causes trouble. The latest news do not see her playing in a casino in Las Vegas but at New York’s Fashion week. She watched a show by designer Cynthia Rowley. At the start not many recognized her but once they did photographers overthrew themselves to get the best picture. Lohan wore shorts and a flowing top and almost stole the show from the star designer.